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Kirk Bozigian Presents BEYOND TOP SECRET 0023-0024: Flag Points

Today, Mr. Kirk Bozigian treated G.I.Joe fans and followers of his Facebook page to not just one, but two BEYOND TOP SECRET segments (0023 & 0024 respectively).

This time around, Kirk fills us in on the creation of Flag Points and the first premium that we could get our grubby little mitts on! Check it out –

Kirk Bozigian Beyond Top Secret 0023 - Surveillance Port

One of the genius marketing tactics we deployed was the GI Joe FLAG POINTS program. It was so successful that in 1984 I was given a big promotion and put in charge of building Hasbro’s direct mail program. We went from $0.00 to $13,000,000 in 18 months. Plus I got to work on Madison Avenue (a dream of mine) 2 days a week at advertising agency BBDO with some of the sharpest creative and business minds I would ever work with. I learned a lot. But I digress.

The FLAG POINTS program was actually the brain child of our commanding officer Stephen Hassenfeld. He said if we were to go forward with GI Joe he wanted Bob and me to replicate a consumer promotion used by Palitoy, the UK licensee of 12” Action Man. So we studied their Star Points program.

Here are my notes formulating the entire strategy of Flag Points and our first promotion COBRA COMMANDER!!! It was a wild success! I know I’ve always said we redeemed 175,000 Cobra Commanders at various conventions, but I am no longer bound by my oath of secrecy so I can now reveal the actual numbers.

“Now you know and knowing is half the battle”

Kirk Bozigian Beyond Top Secret 0024 - Surveillance Port

GI JOE collectors range from the original corps of 1964 to 1976. (I don’t include Super Joe) It also includes my troops from 1982-1995 and you raw recruits who think GI Joe began with The Rise of Cobra.

Many of you have never seen the actual very first GI Joe consumer promotion FREE COBRA COMMANDER. This simple one color offer was packed inside every GI JOE vehicle box in 1982 and 1983. I wrote the copy and designed the offer.

Imagine the excitement of being the first kid on your block to possess the most evil leader of the enemy forces of COBRAAAAA! You ruled your neighborhood for only 5 flag points and 5 thin dimes! DIABOLICAL!

I know I’ve said it before, but I absolutely love these segments from Kirk. It makes me feel like a 7 year old in the early 80s all over again!

Do you remember mailing in for the Commander? Oh man, remember mailing in for the hooded CC a year or so later? Simpler times, my friends. Simpler times.

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