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AmazoToys Launches American Heroes Action Figure Collection Kickstarter

For those of you that like your action figures with a bit of American flare, then you definitely need to check out the American Heroes Action Figure Collection Kickstarter Campaign from the folks at AmazoToys!

Details direct from the campaign are below. Check it out –

The American Heroes Action Figure Collection

Amazo & D13 Toys are excited to announce The American Heroes Action Figure Collection featuring a tribute to our U.S. Presidents and other American Heroes.

The American Heroes Action Figure Collection, featuring a tribute to our U.S. Presidents, tells the history of America through the individuals who have shaped its culture.

Unique and compelling, the American Heroes Action Figure Collection are a stunning representation of our Nation’s leaders, visionaries, service men, entertainers and activists whose lives tell the American story.  Each 4” American Heroes Action Figure has over 14 points of articulation and interchangeable heads & accessories.

Begin your own collection, or share the joy American history by giving these unique action figures to your children, grand-children, friends, historians, teachers, active military service members, and veterans!

Each American Heroes figure is $25 (USD) and will come packaged for display. You can pledge the amount of figures you want at the various pledge levels listed in the campaign. You’ll also be able to ADD ON additional figures to your reward (see ADD ON section below).

Once the Kickstarter is over you’ll select your specific figures as part of the BackerKit survey process (see BackerKit section below)

Thanks for all your support to making the  American Heroes Action Figure Collection a reality. Don’t forget to follow us on the social media at the links below.

 As a bonus we’ve added some stretch goals to this campaign. If we exceed our funding goal of $60K we’ll unlock the following figures when we hit the amount below and you can add even more American Heroes figures to your collection.



Once unlocked you can add on this American Heroes Action figure to your total pledge.


Once unlocked you can add on this American Heroes Action figure to your total pledge.


Once unlocked you can add on this American Heroes Action figure to your total pledge.


Once unlocked you can add on this American Heroes Action figure to your total pledge.


Once unlocked you can add on this American Heroes Action figure to your total pledge.


Once unlocked you can add on this American Heroes Action figure to your total pledge.


Heads are mock ups and will be finalized if we hit this stretch goal

Add ons allow you to add additional items to your pledge level by simply choosing the item(s) below that you would like and then following the instructions below to add to your pledge!

ADD ON: Any unlocked American Heroes Action Figure x1 – $27 (USD)

You can add on any unlocked American Heroes Action Figures to your current reward. You will select your figures via the Backer Kit survey after the campaign.


Add-ons can ONLY be purchased along with a pre-existing pledge level of $20 and higher – not available for purchase separately – please see pledge levels for item descriptions.

In order to add your add-on item to your reward, just calculate the amount you’ll need to pay based on the combination of the cost of the add-on and the cost of your current pledge, and increase your existing pledge to that amount.

Once the campaign is over, we’ll be sending BackerKit surveys (see below)  out to each member. In that survey you’ll be asked if you purchased any add-ons and if so, which add-ons they were.

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR REWARD AMOUNT: To add an add-on to your pledge, follow these steps:

1) Press the ‘Manage Your Pledge’ Button above. If you have not pledged yet, it will say ‘Back this Project’.
2) Increase your pledge in the ‘Pledge Amount’ box by the total of the add-ons you want to add.
3) After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive a survey that will ask you questions so that you can explain how you would like the add-on money assigned.

For Example:

Say a backer has already pledged $25 for ONE American Heroes Action Figure. The backer would like to add-on an extra figure to their pledge. The single American Heroes Action Figure Add-On  is $27 + Initial Pledge $25(+$8 shipping) = $60.  All this individual would need to do is change their pledge amount to $58 and then after the Kickstarter is over the backer would select the single American Heroes Action Figure Add-On in their BackerKit survey.

If you need help changing you pledge, see: “How to change my pledge?”

Add-Ons can only be added to a pre-existing pledge.

What’s BackerKit? 

BackerKit is a service outside of Kickstarter which provides a more powerful survey feature than what Kickstarter provides. It allows you to manage your pledge even after the campaign ends. It takes care of organizing all the data related to a campaign’s backers once the campaign is complete. We offer this as a free service to our backers to keep track of Shipping Details, Quantities, Add Ons and many other aspects of their rewards.  Once the campaign is over you’ll get a BackerKit survey so we can collect the information listed above to better track and manage your reward.

Registering with BackerKit will be a requirement for all backers in order for us to better manage your order. If you do not want to register with BackerKit please do not pledge to this campaign.

Our initial Space Force Kickstarter  didn’t hit all our stretch goals, so we’re very excited to be able to bring this follow up campaign to you.  Of course, we won’t be able to do this without YOUR support!

This is the 2nd project from AMAZO and D13 Toys, but we want to make sure you know they have over 15 years in the toy business in a variety of roles, including designers, sculptors, engineers, and project and production managers for both NECA and The Four Horsemen. In addition, D13 Toys has been instrumental in realigning several existing projects experiencing trouble during production, as well as providing valuable direction and support to new projects such as Plunderlings and Tecco Toys. In order to ensure our success AMAZO and D13 TOYS is collaborating closely with The Four Horseman and other strategic partners to help us get off the ground by advising us on Kickstarter and providing 3D models & assets.

We have tried to keep this campaign simple to insure the success of this project and are using a very reputable factory that has delivered multiple action figures for other successful Kickstarter campaigns. We will be updating frequently  during this Kickstarter campaign as well as throughout the process, but you can also follow us on social media at Instagram and Facebook for all the latest American Heroes Action Figures updates.

Once we have final quantity totals in, we will set up a timeline with the factory and let you know exactly when you can expect shipment.  Please see the Q&A section below if you have any questions and always feel free to send any feedback our way.


Amazo & D13 Toys

I’m excited to see more molds from Fresh Monkey Fiction being created, as the portfolio of offerings that we’ll get to see in the future keeps growing.

Speaking of growing, will you be growing your collection with figures from the American Heroes collection?

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