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Backerkit Surveys For Larry Hama Action Figure Inbound

Larry Hama Kickstarter Banner - Surveillance Port

It’s time! Bill from Fresh Monkey Fiction has shared word that the long awaited Backerkit for the Larry Hama action figure is en route to backers of the Kickstarter campaign! Here’s the scoop –

Hey everyone,

The factory has shipped the figures, it’ll take 3-4 weeks for them to arrive and get through customs. We expect to start shipping in late June and into July/Aug. With that in mind it’s time for everyone to lock their address.

You’ll receive a notification via Backerkit with a link to confirm and, if needed, adjust your address in the next few days. Once this mail goes out you’ll have 48 hours to adjust your address or your address will be locked to the address you provided when you filled our your survey. If your address has not changed there is no action required and we’ll ship to the address you provided when you filled out your survey.

Once address are locked we will ship to the address provded and you’ll get a shipping notification to track your order. If you fail to update your address and your item is shipped to a previous address you provided we will NOT reship items to addresses that are different from those that are locked.

If you have any issues or do not receive the email within the next 7 days you can go to the BackerKit help center here and file a ticket.


Also, we cannot add to orders at this time, if you’d like to order additional figures you’ll be able to pre-order figures in August/September when our remaining (very minimal) stock goes online after our Kickstarter fulfillment is complete.



There you have it, folks! Larry Hama will be leading the charge on our shelves by the end of Summer!

Congrats once again go to Bill and the FMF team for all of their hard work in getting this accomplished!

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