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G.I.Joe Adventure Camp Gives Us New Look At G.I.Joe Unclassified Cobra Forces

G.I.Joe Adventure Camp Malaysia - Surveillance Port

There’s a new G.I.Joe theme park in Malaysia, the G.I.Joe Adventure Camp, that took the internet by storm last night. How so, you ask?

Well, they’ve given us our first close look at artwork for upcoming G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Figures, including Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Red Ninja and our first look at Storm Shadow! Check it out –

G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Forces - Surveillance Port

What’s really intersting here is the Yakuza Tattoo on Storm Shadow’s arm. Could this be a possible tie-in to the upcoming Snake Eyes movie? Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on this new look at the upcoming G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Forces?

2 comments on “G.I.Joe Adventure Camp Gives Us New Look At G.I.Joe Unclassified Cobra Forces

  1. Almost all of these, with maybe the exception of Destro, are over-designed to an obnoxious degree.


    • I’m torn; I like them, but I do agree, they feel over-stylized to the point where they look like Fortnite offerings.


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