Michael Mercy Presents Toys Gone Wild – G.I. Joe Hit & Run

Yo Joe! The master of camo is Joe’s answer to Rambo and Cobra’s worst nightmare! Let’s join Michael Mercy for another Toys Gone Wild as he takes a look at the G.I.Joe team’s light infantryman, Hit & Run!

Hit & Run is one of those figures that is a favorite for just about every G.I.Joe fan. From his head to toe camo, to the pop of color on his goggles, to the oh-so-cool rappelling duffel..this figure is just chock full of playability.

What are your thoughts on H&R? Is he part of your collection?

Although I’ve been watching Michael’s videos for years now, the amount of work and love that goes in to his videos will never cease to amaze me. Make sure to follow Michael’s social channels for more killer content just like this!

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