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Production Of Planet Green Valley Mind Controller Figure Wraps Up June 2020

There’s great news to share with all of you Planet Green Valley fans out there! Weihua Wei has shared word that the highly anticipated Mind Controller figure from Ouying Studio will complete production this June! Here’s the scoop –

Hello,today we have been informed by the factory that, if there are no accidents, they expect to complete production of mind controllers by the end of June at the latest, but Vigina and Lin have not given a specific time frame for completion.

I can’t come to Facebook often ,so this is my email: weiweihua@hotmail.com
If you have any questions please email me,thanks!

As you would imagine, COVID-19 wrecked havoc on factories in China. As the Planet Green Valley project was a smaller run, it took a backseat to other bigger, more robust projects. So much, in fact that Weihua and his team have taken to assembling figures by hand and ordering a basic assortment to those that are interested. Check it out –


Hello everyone, because the epidemic affected the factory in Dongguan to postpone the resumption of work, We can only go to the factory to bring some parts to the studio in Shanghai,we will set up an assembly department in Shanghai, will try to assemble the work, only simple assembly. If feasible, we will be able to complete some basic figures,It ’s just very slow because we can only use our spare time.

Once again, we are not a toy company, toys are just hobbies, we can only use our spare time to make toys. So the number of basic versions will not be much.

Thank you for your support, I hope everyone stay safe, stay healthy, we will sell basics figures with packed , figures plus weapons and accessories. each of which costs a bout US $26, shipping fee not included. I can’t come to Facebook often ,so this is my email: weiweihua@hotmail.com you can email me if you need !

If you have wechat can to add me, please indicate the name of Facebook when adding.

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As shown above, there’s a basic assortment of figures that you can add to your collection. Just reach out to Weihua, note which letter you’d like to purchase and viola, good to go!

It won’t be long now until we’re able to add the Mind Controller to our collection, so sit tight and stay tuned for more!

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