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Coming Soon – Mission 375 Expandable Diorama System

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Many thanks to one of the BEST Tele-Vipers in the field, Brent Resner, for the heads up on this stunning new Expandable Diorama System coming our way from Mission 375!

Here’s the scoop on Mission 375 from their About Page

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We are a small group of toy & figures lovers who wanna share our idea with the rest of the world.

Mission 375 diorama system and accessories are designed from scratch in a near-future-sci-fi theme and painted in weathering effects down to every little detail with love. They don’t just look cool, they are made to be very practical and customizable. The system is compact yet sophisticated. And it can be built or expanded into any scale of scenery with different combinations, assemblies, and accessories. It doesn’t matter if you have a large room or just a little bit of desk space, we enable action figures addicts like you to build this system into a diorama that fits your toys.

Sounds all sorts of awesome, right? In that case, let’s dive in to a breakdown of the building system, courtesy of Mission 375. They’ve shared closer looks at their structure system and accessories. Check it out –

Mission 375 01 Structure - Surveillance Port

Introduction: The Structure

The structure of Mission 375 diorama system is consisted of 4 basic parts: SKELETON FRAME, SYSTEM PANEL, INTERLOCKING RAIL, and CONNECTOR. With only 4 basic parts, they can be assembled and connected in many ways to construct different structure, base, scene, & stand.

  • Skeleton Frame
    Backbone of the structure – the design of double crossed-support ensures the rigidness of the framework, yet it maintains an industrial and near-future-sci-fi style. The skeleton frame is fully compatible with both wall & floor panel. It is also very awesome looking when using them without system panel.
  • Interlocking Rail
    With its 4 sides grooves, this rail design allows all direction interlocking to enable different possibility of assembly. Our universal “slide-n-lock” mechanism let you build and switch any of our structural parts or accessories without hassle. The dove-tail ridge & groove interlocking is a proven strong and secured joint engineering design throughout industries.
  • System Panel
    There is 2 types of panel: wall panel & floor panel.
    The unique design of our system panels allows you to setup our diorama system in different themes to match the storyline of your toy collection. With its easy “pop-n-plug” mechanism, you can pop off or plug in the skeleton frame to switch between themes with ease. There are also plug in slots for accessories installation.
  • Connector
    This corner piece of the system can be used as free standing structure and structural support.

Mission 375 02 Accessories - Surveillance Port

Decoration accessories are very crucial to a good diorama set. These extra playable items enhance the detail of realism and bring additional content to your diorama. Mission 375 diorama system with accessories will definitely turn your Instagram toy photography or diorama display more spectacular.

  • Ladder – how else your action figures get up and down
  • Rail  – action figures sometime need to lean on something
  • Lights – with actual LIGHT UP LED inside in 2 styles: wall lamp and spot light
  • Intercom – let your action figures stay in touch
  • Security Camera – keep an eye on things!
  • Mounting adapter – adapter that you let mount our accessories
  • Hook – hang whatever you want on it

It’s great to see a new team in this space, as diorama sets and accessories are a much welcomed part of the collecting community. Outfits like Dio Warriors, Raginspoon and Marauder Inc have always been go-to’s for me, so I’m sure that Mission 375’s offerings will most definitely find their way to my shelves.

I mean, c’mon, look at how gorgeous those panels and accessories are! Weathered and compatible with all of my Acid Rain schwag? Count me in!

Mission 375 Sign Up - Surveillance Port

Make sure to sign up for the Mission 375 Newsletter to stay on top of the latest intel, namely the launch of their upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

You can also check out Mission 375 on Twitter and Instagram, where the team has posted images of the set with all sorts of action figure goodness to whet your appetite. Enjoy!


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