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G.I.Joe Retro Listings On Walmart Website

Many thanks to Jtprime17 of the ToyNewsI boards for sharing the SKU #’s for the new G.I.Joe A Real American Hero Retro assortment from Walmart’s system. Alongside these SKUs comes direct links that you can save to pounce on once the item becomes available.

What we know so far: Similar to the retro G1 line of Transformers currently exclusive to Walmart, G.I.Joe will also be joining the fray with a retro line of offerings. The general assumption across the community right now is that this retro line will be a throwback to classic 80’s products (hence the Retro branding).

Pricing is currently set at $12.93 for figures and $26.82 for vehicles. Listed within Walmart’s system so far are:

In case you haven’t noticed, the vehicles listed so far are the same vehicles that we received at the launch of the 25th Anniversary collection. It’ll be interesting to see if a SHARC finds its way in to this initial assortment as well.

I’m torn – Although I’ll definitely support the line, I’ll have to see about what I pick up, as I’m not too keen on picking up the same few items over & over again. Now, if we get a WHALE retool via Pulse or something like that? Oh well then you just take my money RIGHT NOW.

I’ll bring you more details as they’re made available. Thanks once again to TNI for the intel!

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