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JoeDeclassified And GeneralsJoes Hunt For The Rarest G.I. Joe Comic Ever

Heads up! There’s a new initiative from Joe Declassified and General’s Joes – Their Mission: To find the rarest G.I.Joe Comic ever, the 2nd print of G.I.Joe A real American Hero Issue #21 – Silent Interlude! Here’s the scoop from Justin:

Marvel GI Joe ARAH 21 Cover - Surveillance Port

Hey Joe Fans Hope all are staying safe at home. Joe Declassified and General’s Joes Reborn are teaming up to help solve one of G.I. Joe Comics greatest mysteries. (And to give you a reason to dig in your comics boxes).

What we are asking the Joe community to do is help find a #21 2 nd Printing and/or new information that helps solve why in 36 years no one has ever found a #21 2nd Printing.

So dig through your brains, dig through Joe comic boxes and help find #21 2nd printing. The logo connected with this post shows the four versions of #21 released in the 1980’s. Of course #21 has been recreated numerous times in many different versions including the comic pack version in 2000’s.
So those don’t count. So read the theory and the history below. Joe Declassified members will be helping verify any new information found.

Let’s solve a mystery.

If you have any insight into this, hit up JoeDeClassified on Facebook and report your fan findings or fan theories!

So what are you waiting for? Go hit your comic boxes and see if you’re holding on to a grail! If so, or if you have any intel to share, make sure to reach out to JoeDeclassified on Facebook!

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