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Action Figure Film Festival 2020 Is Now Available On Vimeo

Just before the COVID-19 related shutdowns, AFFF played in Los Angeles to a packed crowd. For those of us that weren’t in attendance, no worries, as we can now stream the Festival on Vimeo thanks to our friends at Rocket House Pictures, LLC!

Selected by Movie Insider as America’s “most original film festival,” the Action Figure Stop Motion Film Festival (formerly know as GI JOE FEST) was created in 2005 to celebrate the dying art form of stop-motion while paying tribute to the world’s favorite posable toy: THE ACTION FIGURE. The Film Festival hosts screenings, competitions and workshops to showcase the best work within the genre. AFFF kicks off in Denver before traveling to cities around the world.

The 2020 selection includes over 25 films from across the globe, ranging from serious narratives to complete bloodshed. Some of the films included are:

  • Bloody Revenge II – Tom Walker (UK)
  • Right Place, Wrong Time – Charles Doran (USA)
  • Aloha Means Goodbye – Jack Celli and Carl Piermarini (USA)
  • Cosmos L’Enjeu – Sylvain Labrosse and Yves Lapointe (CANADA)
  • Dead Corps I & II – Lee Hardcastle (UK)
  • G.I. Joe, Cobra’s Prom Night – Pat Kullas (USA)
  • G.I. Joe takes a Beating – Dave Stebenne (USA)
  • The GO Figures – Toby Dale (USA)
  • Indyanimation – Jeff Gurwood (USA)
  • Batteries not Included – Joseph Sciorra (USA)
  • Saturn Return – Evan Curtis (USA)
  • Joe’s Anatomy – Carson Mataxis & Joe Goldston (USA)
  • Rick’s Battleshock – Lee Hardcastle (UK)
  • The Animation – David T. Duncan III (USA)
  • Winter in America – Hank Willis Thomas (USA)
  • Driving This Road (…) – S.Gesrel and X.Ehretsmann (FRANCE)
  • Fists – Jack Celli (USA)
  • Killtron – Ethan Winsby (USA)
  • Star Wars The Rise of Starwalker – Jonah Vigil (USA)
  • Radioactive Wrath | Old Ben – Zach Moore (USA)
  • And many more….

You can stream the 2020 AFFF for only $3.50 via your favorite medium – iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. Learn more

Just because we’re indoors means we can’t have fun! I hope you enjoy the festival!

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