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SD Joe Keshi Assortment From Alien Robot Monster Sells Out

Wow, talk about a home run release from Alien Robot Monster! Earlier this week, A.R.M. shared word that the next batch of Super Deformed Joes would be hitting his site on April 3rd. the assortment featured:

  • SD JOE Mini Howitzer
  • SD Joe JUMP
  • SD Joe LOBAT

SD JOE keshi drop this Friday (4/3) at 9am PST! I created these rubber minifigures as an homage to GI JOE and Japanese super deformed keshi like Spiral Zone.This colorway will be bandai green 👍

The set launched yesterday morning and sold out almost as quickly as it was posted! I’m bummed that I missed out, but I’m super happy for ARM and for those that were able to add these awesome little offerings to their collection.

Were you able to add this latest SD Joe Keshi assortment from Alien Robot Monster to your collection?

2 comments on “SD Joe Keshi Assortment From Alien Robot Monster Sells Out

  1. Thank you for the rad post! 🙏

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