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JOY TOY 暗源 Reveals New Source Series Steel Bone H04 Quick Strike

Hot on the heels of their Steel Bone H03 Sniper reveal comes our first look at the Steel Bone H04 Quick Strike from JOY TOY 暗源!

#JOYTOY 1/25 Inch Scale SOURCE series:STEEL BONE H-04 Quick Strike

H04 is a Quick strike version of steel bone,equipped with a Submachine gun.

•Highly mobile, including movable fingers!

•whole body got coating and weathering!

•Comes with 2.5-inch fully action pilot figure!

•It is about 22 cm high.

•Auxiliary accessories.

Expected to be available at the end of April.

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We will work harder.

JOY TOY #暗源 1/25比例: 暗源系列:钢骨-H04 速攻型[2020年5月发售]


These new Steel Bone offerings are something else! Not only is the Mech killer, but that pilot is something else! Will you be adding the Quick Strike to your collection?

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