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TeccoToys Reveals New Age Of Mecha M.A.R.V. action figure

The awesome folks at TeccoToys continue to reveal awesome new Age of Mecha offerings and this new piece is most certainly no different!

Check out the Age Of Mecha™ M.A.R.V. action figure!

Introducing the M.A.R.V. (Mobile Assault and Repression Vehicle)

The M.A.R.V. is an autonomous assault and guard bot, used in abundance to defend and secure perimeters around military bases and remote mining facilities. In combat situations, the M.A.R.V. is also used to support infantry troops and provide protection from aerial assaults.

1/35 scale printable parts, snap fit assembly, no glue required!

If you do not own or have immediate access to a printer, here’s a list of online 3D printing services you can use:


  • We highly recommend to choose SLA or DLP printers!
  • FDM prints usually do not show the intricate detail.
  • If you want to use online print services like Shapeways, please use the small STL files to allow for their file size limit.
  • The Form files are readymade: ideal part orientation + support structures are already in place.
  • Made to print with GreyV4 resin, 0.05mm layer height.
  • If you are printing on a Form2/Form3, I recommend the following procedure:
  • Use the standard grey resins.

After the Isopropanol wash, leave the parts out to dry for at least 6-12 hours (normal room temperature, no direct sunlight!), that way the surface is hard enough as to not rub off during assembly, yet the parts still have enough flexibility.

The joint fits are quite tight in the beginning, so make sure to wiggle the parts together slowly and carefully to avoid breaking parts. Optionally, you can airbrush or paint the parts before assembly for easier masking.

The Grey resin tends to shrink over time (the process goes on several weeks after print) until it has fully settled it’s properties.

If the joints come loose, use small portions of modelling clay, like super sculpey to fill in the gaps.

Have fun with them 🙂

License: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0


Already own the M.U.L.E.? Well then check this out – You can opt to purchase the M.A.R.V. conversion kit for your M.A.R.V. chassis…or the M.A.R.V. upgrade kit for your M.U.L.E. chassis!

TeccoToys Age of Mecha MARV Action Figure - Surveillance Port 04

TeccoToys is really hitting it out of the park with their Age of Mecha line. Will you be adding the M.A.R.V. to your collection?

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