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G.I.Joe Debriefed Brings G.I.Joe Comic Content Creators To The Front Lines

Heads up! Carson from 3DJoes has put together an All*Star line up of G.I.Joe Comic Book talent for a segment called G.I.Joe Debriefed! Here’s the scoop –
3D Joes G.I.Joe Debriefed - Surveillance Port
Yo Joes!

Robert Atkins (G.I.Joe comic artist), Tom Feister (G.I.Joe comic artist), Brandon Jerwa (G.I.Joe comic writer) and a host of other G.I.Joe mission specialists watch all 5 episodes of the classic G.I.JOE: A Real American Hero mini-series “The MASS Device.” Every night for the next 5 nights these highly trained cartoon watchers team up to relive their childhoods and talk all things JOE! You never know who else might show up!

We’ll be live streaming Episode 1 tonight at 8:30pm via Facebook.com/3DJoes and then posting each episode at YouTube.com/3DJoes

Y’all join us on Facebook tonight and I’ll be checking comments on the Facebook live stream to get the comic creators to answer your questions.

 — with Brandon Jerwa and R Carson Mataxis.

The fun kicks off tonight at 8:30pm EST, so make sure to tune in and enjoy!


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