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Black Major Toys Custom Python Patrol Night Viper Stinger Pictorial Review

For #BlackMajorMonday, I’m taking a look back at a figure and review from 2018. Let’s take a look at one of my favorite figures from that year’s assortment, the Black Major Toys Python Patrol Night Viper Stinger! BZZzzZzZzZz

The Python Patrol Night Viper Stinger (lovingly referred to as PPNVS for the remainder of this review), was one of several new Python Patrol themed offerings from Black Major Toys at the time, including the Python Patrol Alley Viper and Python Patrol Ninja Viper.

Although I have the “Snake Eyes Hunter” and the previous “Black Helmet” and “Yellow Helmet” PPNVs, the Stinger has taken the crown as my favorite of the Pythonized Night Vipers.

I think it’s safe to say that the PPNVS has one of the most ambitious paint jobs of any of the Night Vipers released to date. His color scheme is very reminiscent of the ’89 series, so he’ll fit right in with your Old School ARAH collection.

His Gray base uniform is accented by white Python striping, along with red & yellow highlights. What makes the PPNVS really pop is the yellow jacket style striping on his legs, which is where the Stinger Moniker originates from. This is all tied together by the NV’s signature helmet in black with a bold red face mask and lens.

The PPNVS includes all the classic Night Viper gear, such as his mountable rifle, back pack, Night Vision Mask and removable lens. The sample I received has nice, tight joints and pretty clean paint.

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