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ValaVerse Shares Details On New Action Force Weapons Pack Bravo Set

This past Thursday, my good bud Bobby Vala shared word on a whole bunch of awesome coming to Action Force; Namely a new weapons pack! Check out the Bravo Set –


From Bobby – The SWARM Gear Pack, Riot Trooper and Riot gear are all permanent items in the Action Force line. Their funding goal was met and surpassed. Also, a new item has been added to the line, the Weapons Pack Bravo set!!! The popularity of the Alpha set has shown that you all love weapons sets so why not give you some more to choose from. The set is available now as an extra to add to your new or existing order. Check out the link for the full write up.

If you have not placed an oder yet, follow this link to get in on some awesome Action Force items: https://app.crowdox.com/projects/actionforce/valaverse

Will you be adding the Bravo Set to your Armory?

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