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TeccoToys Shares Exclusive FREE Printable Action Figure Downloads

In case you hadn’t heard, our friends from TeccoToys were set to launch their Age of Mecha Kickstarter Campaign last week. Unfortunately, due to all that is going on in the world, the campaign has been delayed.

TeccoToys COVID-19 Delay Notice - Surveillance Port

That didn’t stop the Tecco Team from launching a bit of awesome! TeccoToys has released a set of Exclusive FREE printable action figures! Check out the all new  Hazmat Response Unit –

You can download your set here: https://gum.co/fdzHL

Attention: you have to enter „0“ manually in the „name a fair price“ field if you want to download for free!

Now, if you decide to make a donation towards the figure, then please note that all proceeds received will go to help the German Red Cross.

TeccoToys Hazmat Response Unit - Surveillance Port 05

If you don’t own a printer, TeccoToys shared the following link to a printing service:  https://all3dp.com/1/best-online-3d-printing-service-3d-pr…/

Available in FORM and STL file formats.
If you don’t have access to SLA, FDM or DLP printers, you can also use them with 3rd party print services!

TeccoToys has really gone above and beyond with this kind gesture. This will definitely bring joy to us as we stay in isolation…but hey, at least we can have fun printing an awesome set of action figures!

Make sure to following TeccoToys for more!

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