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Fresh Monkey Fiction Shares New Eagle Force Return Sample Images

Hot off the press from our friends at Fresh Monkey Fiction comes a slew of new Eagle Force Returns sample images! Check it out –

Here’s the scoop from Bill at Fresh Monkey Fiction:

Hey everyone!

Got a buch of images I wanted to share from the factory..they are creating new samples. I’m currently making notes on these now, but wanted to share. 

Please note the tampos (camo patterns and logos) are not done and some of the joints are the wrong color, this is just the 1st step of the process as we work finalize the samples before we start production.

The new factory continues to deliver and meet their schedule, that said, they have to rework a lot because of the incompetence of TD.  I know this has been a long wait but I’m confident we’ll get there now thanks to Chris and the new factory.

More to come as I get it in.



From the looks of things, these figures will be worth the wait! Are you excited to add Eagle Force Returns to your collection?

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