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Eagle Force Returns Shipping Schedule Updated Due To COVID-19

Heads Up – The Eagle Force Returns shipping schedule has been adjusted to reflect forced changes made due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The timeline isn’t that different than what was shared back in January. Here’s the scoop from Bill at Fresh Monkey Fiction:

eagle force returns kickstarter banner - surveillance port

Hey everyone,

The factory got back to me this week with the impact to the production schedule because of the Covid-19 virus.

It seems there will be a 4-5 week delay to the original schedule I posted on the Timeline Update in January.  This is not ideal, but as this is now a worldwide pandemic we are all dealing with, I hope everyone understands these delays our out of our control.

Here is an updated schedule.

  • March 31 – Deco samples ready for approval
  • April 15 – Sample revisions complete
  • April 16 – June 4 – Manufacturing
  • June 5 –  Product inspection
  • June 15 – First shipment to US
  • July 9 – 20  – Delivery arrives in our warehouse, inspect delivery and sort for shipment
  • July 22 – Fulfillment begins

So we should see a new set of samples toward the end of this month. Here is an image they sent me on Friday of the in progress RIOT commando sample in regards to assembly. This is looking way better than the samples from the old factory.

The plan i for the factory to redo samples for ALL the figures, as I get more images I’ll post them. This will help to insure the quality is what we expect.

I don’t mind the extra bit of time; That just means there will be a whole lot of awesome hitting our mailboxes once this Pandemic is over!

I’ll be sure to bring you more sample images as they’re made available. Stay safe out there, folks!

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