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Super7 Reveals Super Cyborg X-Ray Cobra B.A.T.

Oh man…now this is reveal that has me all sorts of excited! Coming our way from Super7 is a Super Cyborg X-Ray Cobra B.A.T. Figure! Many thanks to Big Boy Collectibles for the intel.

Although a physical sample wasn’t present, there was one hell of a teaser banner present. Check it out –

Super7 Super Cyborg G.I.Joe Cobra B.A.T. - Sureillance Port

This is one figure that will most definitely find its way in to my collection. If we are to go off of previous offerings, then the Cobra B.A.T. will be a Cartoon-Accurate action figure, standing at 12-inches tall and 7+ points of articulation. From the looks of things, it will also include interchangeable hand attachments! 

The B.A.T. will more than likely be cast and colored as the original toy with painted inner torso and packaged in a deluxe window box.

I’ll be sure to bring you more details on this offering as they’re made available!

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