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Only Two Days Left Two Secure Your ValaVerse Action Force Pre Order

Action Force Kickstarter - Surveillance Port

Heads up! We’re now in the final stretch for the ValaVerse Action Force Pre-Order on CrowdOx.

ValaVerse Action Force 2 Day Notice - Surveillance Port

#ICYMI – Eclipse has been pulled from the initial order as she did not reach her funding goal. Bobby Vala has noted that refunds have been issued and would take 3 – 5 days to receive (as of the 28th of January). If you don’t receive your refund by February 3rd, reach out Bobby for details/help.

ValaVerse Action Force Eclipse Update - Surveillance Port

After a careful review of Eclipse’s funding progress, I’ve come to a decision on how long her funding will continue. At this time the funding for Eclipse will close on Monday, January 26th. This does not mean that Eclipse will not fund. This was a tough decision to make but she is still very far off from being funded, approximately $14,321. The reason I am cutting off funding for Eclipse before the end of the CrowdOx funding is to give enough time for all of the Eclipse payments to be refunded before the 31st. If anyone wishes to put those funds toward additional Action Force items, they will have time to do so. Many orders were put in for Eclipse but it is also additional orders for other items that would’ve helped get her closer to funding. It was a good effort moving Eclipse up and trying to see if she could get funded. Since she is the first female figure, it takes many molds and drives up the production cost. Thank you to everyone who helped bring Eclipse to life. My fingers are crossed the weekend is big and Eclipse can remain part of the line.

Thank you!

So, make sure to go get those orders in while you can! You’ve got 2 days to make it happen!

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