Our friends from Marauder Inc have shared word an awesome event taking place at JoeFest 2020, Marauder Mayhem! Here’s the scoop –

Marauder Mayhem JoeFest 2020 Banner - Surveillance Port

Hey Marauder GR Supporters!

You are invited to be part of the FIRST ever “Marauder-Mayhem” event at the upcoming June 2020 JOEFEST Toy and Comic show! The Inaugural Marauder Fan Based Event will be Friday night June 26th and is sure to have something that appeals to EVERY Marauder “Gun-Runner” Supporter!

-A 2020 “Marauder-Mayhem” Special Geared up Figure

-Limited Edition Tooling test shot samples of NEW & UNRELEASED Marauder items for EACH attendee.

-Customize your own Marauder Figure with an additional MTF Figure & choice of gear.

-Inside access to our current & upcoming projects (designs, sculpt illustrations & prototypes).

-Get “Behind the Scenes” info on what it takes to get a Marauder project from idea to production.

-Spend time with the Marauder designers, sculptors, painting pros, and “Marauder Team” members.

BUT WAIT…there is more

-Special Edition “Marauder-Mayhem” shirt.

-Special “Marauder Mayhem” custom Poster.

-Early access to any Marauder “Gun-Runners” Joefest Show exclusives and special items.

-Dinner with your fellow “Marauder Mayhem” attendees and the Marauder Team.

-A chance to win some VERY cool prizes.

-PLUS even more, as of yet to be finalized, surprises & promo items for Mayhem attendees!

The limited tickets for the FIRST EVER “Marauder Mayhem” event are $99 and will be available on the Marauder “Gun-Runners” website (www.marauderinc.com) starting at 12:01am on February 15th. “Marauder Mayhem” is an evening devoted to our hobby, including cool swag, quality time with fellow action figure enthusiasts & the Marauder Team and you also get fed!

We hope you join us in making some MAYHEM!

MJ & Marauder GR Team

Will you be attending the Marauder Mayhem event at JoeFest this year?

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