John Royle Shares Work in Progress of Baroness Cover for G.I.Joe 276

John Royle has taken to Twitter over the last few days to share work in progress on his upcoming cover for G.I.Joe A Real American Hero #276, starring none other than the Baroness! Check it out –

On my drawing board today is my fav Cobra villainess the ‘Baroness’👍I’m a sucker for a lady with glasses! 😃I’m really looking forward to seeing this GI.Joe cover inked and coloured! I think this will be for GI.Joe RAH 276 #gijoe #gijoecobra #thebaroness #baroness

John Royle GI Joe ARAH 276 - Surveillance Port 01

Cover Pencils work in progress for my new GI.Joe RAH issue 276 starring the Baroness! Always great fun drawing my fav Cobra villainess! It’s now in safe hands for Jagdish to blu line print and add his inks, YoJoe! #baroness #idw #cobra #hasbro #gijoe #gijoecobra

I can’t wait to see the finished product! Will you be aiming to add this RI cover to your G.I.Joe comic book collection?

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