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Snake Eyes: G.I.Joe Origins Movie Logo and More Revealed

Shame on me for being so behind on actual G.I.Joe related news. I’ll just assume we’ve all been super busy and have missed this. 😀

Snake Eyes G.I.Joe Origins Banner - Surveillance Port

Late last week, the official logo for Snake Eyes: G.I.Joe Origins was revealed. Alongside the logo came a slew of cast images; Not only from Paramount, but from the actors themselves like Henry Golding. What else is pretty cool was the launch of the Japanese Snake Eyes website, G.I.Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes.

Quite a lot to take in, no? Psssh, you haven’t even heard the best part – last Friday, Chris & Justin sat down for a new Full Force News Burst and during their discussion, it was noted that Henry Golding reveals a new film series, with Snake Eyes starting a new franchise timeline. Time will only tell what comes next.

I’m starting to get more excited as time goes on. Hopefully this movie helps spawn a whole new generation of G.I.Joe fans.



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