G.I.Joe Classified Six Inch Black Series Figure Assortment Revealed

In case you missed it yesterday, news of a new Black Series style of G.I.Joe figures was leaked and spread like wildfire across the internet.

I can recall the days when this topic would cause incredible drama. Those that were 3 3/4″ purists revolted against the idea of a 6″ line (nevermind the fact that these same folks disregard the 12″ collector community, but I digress)…

NeedlessEssentialsOnline first leaked the news that there would be a new 6″ Joe line on their website. To add further seasoning to the leak, both Yak_Face and FlyGuyToys followed up with their own reporting confirming the same info. The first wave is slated to include:

  • (2) Snake Eyes
  • (1) Duke
  • (1) Roadblock
  • (1) Scarlett
  • (1) Destro

Mike from Just Another G.I.Joe Show followed up with his vendor who in turned confirmed the news, calling the line “G.I.Joe Classified” and noted that it would retail for $19.99 this summer.

If this turns out to be confirmed by Hasbro (indication at this point is that it will be), this should be an exciting time for G.I.Joe collectors. Finally, a breath of fresh air in our beloved, yet stagnant brand. I for sure will be adding this initial line up to my collection. What about you?

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