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Jamie Sullivan Shares Lines For IDW Publishings G.I.Joe 270 Through 275

Jamie Sullivan has once again caused the jaws of G.I.Joe fans to drop! How you ask? Well, this morning he shared his latest work – the linework for IDW Publishing’s G.I.Joe 270 through 275. When combined, the artwork captures every G.I.Joe character (G.I.Joe, not Cobra) and Ally represented in A Real American Hero! Check it out –

Jamie Sullivan GI Joe ARAH 270-275 Covers - Surveillance Port

I’ve kinda been off social media for a hot second. A self imposed hiatus if you will. Some HUGE looming deadlines. I’m finished with my part on one of them. It’s been handed off to be colored. Now, onto my next project which will probably have me off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for another week.

Until then. Here’s a look at the lines for GI Joe #270 through 275. All of the Joes and most of their allies from the 270 issue run of A Real American Hero. 169 characters. 7 and a half foot wide original art. 2 months of work. 1 very tired artist.

Hope you like it. Can’t wait to talk about it. Happy New Year!

See you in the funny papers.

Absolutely awesome, wouldn’t you agree?

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