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Fresh Monkey Fiction Shares Eagle Force Returns Delivery Timeline

They say that good things come to those who wait.

Mr. Bill Murphy of Fresh Monkey Fiction shared word of quite a few good things coming our way – The highly anticipated Initial wave of Eagle Force Returns action figures!

There were a lot of bumps in the road for Bill and a few others, but thanks to clear and steady communication, we were informed of delays every step of the way. I’m sure Bill was excited to share the following. Here’s the scoop –

Eagle Force Returns Banner - Surveillance Port

Hey Everyone

I hope you all had a great start to the New Year.  We are really looking forward to 2020, as we’ll be able to finally get Eagle Force complete and move on to future waves.  Below is an update to our delivery timeline, update on Eagle Island and a few odds and ends.


We just got our new detailed production schedule from the factory, it’s outlined below.

    • Jan 1- 31 – Revising samples to meet expectations
    • Feb 1-25 – Chinese New Year – Factory closed for holiday
    • Feb 28 – Deco samples ready for approval
    • March 15 – Sample revisions complete
    • March 16 – May 4 – Manufacturing
    • May 5 –  Product inspection
    • May 15 – First shipment to US
    • June 9 – 20  – Delivery arrives in our warehouse, inspect delivery and sort for shipment
    • June 22 – Fulfillment begins

This is subject to change, but from talking to folks at The Four Horseman and Zica, who are currently using this factory, they said things can shift a week or 2 but they have always found the factory schedules to be pretty much on target. Our Project Manager Chris is on board to help us get to the finish line and we’ll of course continue to keep everyone updated as well go.  If things shift around you’ll be the first to know.

I wish we could speed this up, but the new factory is basically revising a lot of what Tiandeng Liu did so we’ll have a quality product. We have over 25 figures in this assortment and they are 100% committed to making it right for our backers. They are excited to do more waves so they want to get us the best possible figures in hopes you’ll continue to back & collect the line as we move forward.

I know this has been a long road but thanks for sticking with us on this. I’m confident that we’ll deliver a great line of figures this year that will pave the way for future assortments.

Eagle Island Update

The Eagle Island Playsets have started to ship. If you ordered an Eagle Island playset, please be on the look out for an address confirmation email from D&J Toys. D&J Toys will not ship without confirming your address, so please keep an eye on your inbox. If you have any questions you can contact directly D&J Toys at <J_man_la@yahoo.com>

Odds and Ends

Some folks have asked about the future of Eagle Force Returns, Eagle Force Classic, Monster Force, Heroes vs Villains and Ninja Force. I have decided to keep Eagle Force under Fresh Monkey Fiction for 2020, this will take us through fulfillment and we’ll launch on new Kickstarter in Q4 2020 that combine all the Eagle Force lines into an overall assortment. Depending on how well fulfillment and post fulfillment sales go, we’ll offer some of the figures we’ve shown for wave 2 as pre-orders.  Not much more to say around this at the moment, but I’ll start posting images of what’s to come on social media towards the summer, these will be labeled as concepts and we’ll be looking for your feedback as to what figures make it to future waves.

Also, as mentioned in previous updates, I have decided to license some of my 3D asset library and steel tooling to a couple other indy toy companies for a few different projects in 2020, one of which will be our Project Manager Chris’s new start up. This will not hold up production of Eagle Force or Hama figures, but will enable me to recoup some costs that I’ll need to finish this line since Tiandeng Liu did not refund any of the funds we paid to him. So you might see some familiar parts, like heads, bodies or accessories show up in other lines. These other companies will be using the same factory we are using, so the upside here is any new parts they do will be accessible and compatible with Eagle Force, so it’ll help bring more variety to the line as we move ahead in the back half of 2020.

Thanks again everyone, here’s to an awesome 2020!!

Fresh Monkey Fiction

D&J Toys also shared word that playsets were shipping, so I’ll be sure to share images once mine arrives.

What an exciting time! Not only are we getting Eagle Force figures, but there’s hope for wave 2 and beyond! Stay tuned for more intel as it’s received!

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