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Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter – Update Your Shipping Address

There’s quite a bit of Kickstarter news to be shared, so let’s start off with some fantastic news from our friends at Spero Studios!

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Banner - Surveillance Port

Happy New Year Everyone!

This will be a short update followed by a much more detailed update once shipping begins.

Updated your shipping Addresses

I’ll be shipping out the small figures this month and want to make sure that we have everyone’s up to date info. The big figures will ship to you late summer at NO extra cost to you! If you need to have your address updated please email me at jason.bienvenu@gmail.com

Wait and ship it all!

If anyone would like to wait and get everything all at once late summer 2020, please let me know via email.

Again I want to thank you all so much for your patience, understanding and support. You’ll all be getting FREE items as a small token of my gratitude. I hope once I post the longer detailed update that many of you will think “wow that sounds like something out of a movie plot”

Thanks again!

I’ve reached out to Spero Studios for an update regarding the remaining Wave 1 AWOK offerings that are still pending and Jason was kind enough to share the scoop –

Anyone who wants to replace those items with figures is fine, I’ll be posting an update for all in backers only.

There you have it! It won’t be long now before the initial shipping of AWOK offerings hits your mail box!

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