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3DJoes Shares Rare Manimals Pre Production and Production Collection

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – If you know me, you know that I’m a total sucker for anything Star Brigade related.

We’ve seen some pretty cool Star Brigade items in the not-so-distant past:

Just in time to end the year, my good friend Carson from 3DJoes.com has shared word that he’s added a rare G.I.Joe Star Brigade Manimals Pre-Production and Production collection to the archive!

3DJoes Manimals Collection - Surveillance Port

The original concept for the Manimals was developed by Ron Magers of MDesign. His son Ross Magers recently unearthed a stash of old Manimals materials and decided to share these artifacts with the G.I.Joe community through 3DJoes. ​This collection features the original hand-built prototype, 1994 Manimals factory produced samples, 2001-era test shots, and 2001 retail releases. The most interesting artifact in this collection is the original submission – a hand crafted half-man half-animal!

There are so many cool Star Brigade items to feast your eyes on, including images of the original Manimals prototype, factory produced samples such as Spasma and ZigZag and even images of unreleased items from 1995 like General Hawk from the planned Manimal Encounter collection, Shockwave – The Human Gun, Thrasher, Wardog , Striker – The Manimal Terminator, Araknoid, Tarantulus, Astro Blaster Power Fighter and more!

The collection is stunning, including pieces from 1994 and unreleased pieces from 1995. Make sure to head over to the 3DJoes Unproduced Items page for to check it all out for yourself!

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