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The Story Behind The Silent Issue

Many thanks to NerdNewsToday on YouTube for sharing this fantastic video taken back in September 2019 of Mr. Larry Hama, sharing the story behind the Silent Issue of G.I.Joe.

Here’s the scoop –

Larry Hama is known as the man who created the G.I. Joe universe, but one of his biggest accomplishments in comics was G.I. Joe issue #21 AKA The Silent Issue. In this video, Larry explains the story behind the book, why it came to be, and how he made it. Plus, Larry also explains why he made one of the biggest twists in the G.I. Joe mythos happen in this issue (spoiler alert) – the revelation that Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow shared a similar past!

This event was filmed at the Museum of the Chinese in America in downtown Manhattan, NYC. Head to to learn more about their museum and how you can support their organization.

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