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Toys Alliance Reveals New Acid Rain World F109 Field Vanguard

Oh man, check out this bit of awesomeness! Toys Alliance has shared images of their upcoming 1:18 scale Acid Rain World Field Vanguard figure! Check it out –

Clad in rainproof and dustproof uniforms, Agurts’ F109 Field Vanguards provide auxiliary combat support for main forces fighting on the front lines. Equipped with large tactical backpacks, they often embark on field expeditions and liaison missions that last months at a time. 

The new Field Vanguard figure comes with multiple weapons and a removable hood, along with a oversized pack to carry it all.

The partnership between Toys Alliance and Skronex have given us amazing products and this new figure is no exception!

Will you be adding the Field Vanguard to your Acid Rain collection?

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