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ICYMI – JoeCustoms Exclusive 2019 Ugly Sweater Pre Order Now Open

#ICYMI  – D&J Toys has shared word that the Exclusive 2019 Ugly Sweater is now available for your pre-ordering pleasure! Here’s the scoop:

Joe Customs Exclusive 2019 Ugly Sweater - Surveillance Port

I’ve also been pushing to get the 2019 JoeCustoms Ugly Christmas Shirt done.

This year’s idea, I went for something fun. It’s based on a popular trend that’s on various shirts, but of course not this. I’ve done green, red, and a few other colors over the years, I went with something new this time and something that will allow all these colors to be printed.

So start your orders now to get in on the first shipment. As always I’ll give the initial orders a short amount of time to get theirs in, then the first group goes out. As each orders go out, it’s less and less chance to get the new design before it retires like all the others. This is exclusive to get here only!

D&J Toys Exclusive 2019 Ugly Sweater Pre-Order

Will you be adding this awesome ugly sweater to your G.I.Joe apparel collection?

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