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Assembly Required 2019 Exclusives Now Available To The Public!

Heads up! If you’re bummed that you couldn’t make it to Code Name: Iowa’s Assembly Required 2019 event, well no worries, they’re bringing the event to you! (well, in a sense)

Demand was so high for their glow-in-the-dark Night Force shirt that they sold out at the show. As such, the team has opened pre-orders until November 27th to get your hands on this uber cool tee!

In order to claim one for your closet, you’ll need to send $25 USD via PayPal to hq@codenameiowa.com along with your shirt size and address.

Other exclusives are/were also available, but in extremely limited numbers! Make sure to reach out to Code Name: Iowa to see if they have any left. That said, up for grabs were

  • x3 sets of AR19 figures (Slipknot & Smokescreen) for $89 USD per set shipped
  • x2 sets of Night Force Vinyl Stickers for $20 USD per set shipped

Now, although the pre-order for the tee is wide open until the 27th, availability on the figures and stickers is extremely limited, so please make sure to touch base with Code Name: Iowa before sending cash as the sets could be long gone.

Are you getting in on the pre-order for the tee, or trying to get the stickers of figures in to your collection?


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