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ValaVerse Action Force Kickstarter Campaign Update – On To Stretch Goals!

In case you missed the news, the Action Force Kickstarter Campaign from ValaVerse reached its initial funding goal this past weekend, woo hoo! I’m beyond excited for Bobby and can’t wait to have these figures in hand!

So, what’s next? Well now, my friends, we march on to Stretch Goals! There are 6 days left to try and unlock as many offerings as possible.

ValaVerse Action Force Urban Trooper - Surveillance Port

The Urban Trooper Add-On is up next, being unlocked at $111,000.00 USD. As the campaign is currently at $100,490.00 USD, there’s  a good chance that we’ll be able to add this troop builder to our collections.

There’s so much more left to unlock, so if you’ve been considering joining in, or perhaps upping your pledge, now’s the time! It’s not over until it’s over, folks! Let’s get to work and get more awesome Action Force figures added to our shelves!

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