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Joy Toy Reveals New Source Series Steelbone Armor Mech And Pilot

Heads up, 1:24 Scale Collectors! Our friends at JOY TOY – 暗源 have shared word on Steelbone Armor, and amazing new Source Series Mech coming our way this December! Check it out –

New product~

1/24 Inch Scale SOURCE series:STEEL BONE ARMOR sand ver.

STEEL BONE got super articulation and Including fully movable fingers!

•whole body got coating and weathering!

•Guns can be combined into multiple modes

•Hide play points!!

•Comes with 2.5-inch fully action fatty figure!

•It is about 22 cm high.

•Expected to be released in mid-December

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We will work harder.

1/24比例 暗源系列:鋼骨-沙色機






Joy Toy is absolutely killing it! Between their 1:18 scale and 1:24 scale offerings, it looks like they’ll be around for a long time to come and are a welcome addition to my collection!

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