Heads up! There’s great news to share from ValaVerse! As of the time of this post, the Action Force Kickstarter Campaign is now just over 95% completed, having obtained $94,299 of its initial $99,000 funding goal!

There’s also just a bit over an hour left to have any new contribution matched by an anonymous backer! Any new pledge made by 12pm EST today will be matched, so make sure to get that pledge in and let’s move in to stretch goals! Here’s the scoop –

Action Force Scale Comparison - Surveillance Port

Good morning!  I’ve got lots to share to start the day.  First, the campaign is at 92% of the fund goal!

Second, I’ve gotten some requests to see the figures next to others in the market.  This image shows the Action Force figures next to several other 1:12 scale figures.  Please note that the Action Force models are at 104% their production scale so they will decrease to the same height as the Legends figures.

Lastly, I’ve got some very interesting news.  An anonymous backers has informed me that they would like to do a pledge match for up to $2,000 to help the campaign reach the funding goal.  They have asked that this pledge match take place for a 24 hour period today, November 7th, stating at 12:00pm est.  Any new or increased pledge that comes in during this 24 period will be matched by this individual up to $2,000.  Any pledge decreased or cancelled before this time and then added back in during the pledge match will not count.  These need to be new pledges or an increase to an existing pledge.  This individual has been a fantastic supporter and I am very thankful to have them on board.  Thank you everyone!

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