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Joy Toy Reveals New 1:24 Scale Offerings

No worries, Joy Toy Fans! Not only did they share an awesome new assortment of 1:18 scale offerings, but there are new 1:24 scale offerings coming our way as well! Woo Hoo!

First up, let’s take a look at an upcoming re-release of the Battlefield Command Center!

This awesome playset is a fan favorite, so if you missed out on adding it to your collection before, now’s your chance!

Now, not only did we get to check out the Command Center, but we also got to feast our eyes on an entire assortment of 1:24 scale Source figures! Check’em out –

Alongside the 1/24 UNSC team and Extreme Squad were a wide range of new characters, with some never having been seen before!

Joy Toy is absolutely killing the action figure market, wouldn’t you agree? Are you planning on adding any of these offerings to your collection?

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