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Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter Campaign Update

AWOK tribe, rejoice! After a long pause, things are finally moving forward with the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom line from Spero Toys. This not only includes wave 2, but for a few of us, the wave 1 items that we’ve been waiting for as well. Here’s the scoop –

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Banner - Surveillance Port


After months of production limbo, I am happy and relieved to announce that we have made the move to our new factory! This factory produces beloved indie brands such as Boss Fight Studio, Chicken Fried Toys, Marauders Gun Runners and now Animal Warriors of The Kingdom!

When Dave Proctor picked up the small figure production it had been sitting there finished but up packed since July.  Dave and his team are currently doing the following for the small figure production.

· Sorting the accessories

· Straightening out the weapon accessories (a large amount are warped after sitting for months)

· Accessory bagging

· Figure Packing

· Boxing

· Shipping


Dave is working with Tiandeng (who is being very cooperative) to transfer over our tooling molds for the smaller and larger figures.  As soon as we have those at the new factory we can inspect each mold in order to check the condition of the tooling.

Needless to say, this has been extremely stressful and frustrating. I apologize for all the delays and thank you all for your continued support patience and understanding.  Now that we are at an AAA factory I can assure you that this type of thing won’t happen again.

Love, Spero!

It won’t be long now, Tribe! Stay tuned for more details as they’re released.


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