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Marauder Task Force WWII British Soldier Images

The fine folks from Marauder Gun-Runners have been busy putting smiles on faces over the last week as they’ve shared new images from their Marauder Task Force WWII Campaign!

Over the course of the last week, we’ve been treated to images of the  Marauder Task Force WWII US MarinesMarauder Task Force WII Japanese Soldiers and Marauder Task Force WWII US Army Soldiers.

Last night, we were treated to images of yet another faction, the Marauder Task Force WWII British Soldiers! Check it out –

Marauder Gun Runners Marauder Task Force WWII British Soldiers - Surveillance Port 01

British Rifleman 

British Officer

Marauder Gun Runners Marauder Task Force WWII British Officer - Surveillance Port 04

British Bren Gunner

Aren’t they awesome?! Along with the latest gallery came another update from Marauder John. Here’s the scoop –

Hey “Marauder Fighting 783!”

Believe  it or not, there are STILL some supporters that have NOT completed  their Backerkit registration! We have sent so many reminders…you could  almost call our requests to “PLEASE finish your registration” emails  spam!  This is the FINAL and PUBLIC notice that if they don’t complete  their registration, any amount paid to us will be considered a DONATION  and you will NO longer have any claim towards any items.  We are printing out the orders in a few days, so it is now or never for those to  complete the backerkit registration (and any final address changes,  too!).

Okay, to keep this MTF WWII Kickstarter update fun…here are ACTUAL production images of the Marauder Task Force British Soldiers!

We will send updates with more production items over the next several days!

Thanks again for your support!

MJ & MGR Crew

You heard the man! If you haven’t taken care of your backerkit, get on it!

I’ll be sure to share more info as it’s released. Until then, my friends!


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