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Eagle Force Returns Tooling Test Update

There’s great news from our friends at Fresh Monkey Fiction regarding their Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter campaign!

As you know, there were more than a few issues with the factory that was producing the line. Since then the molds have been moved to a new factory. Check out the latest update below –

Hey everyone

The new factory was able to test the tooling..see images.

We can confirm that these tools are the latest tools and match the test shots we recived last yet. There was some minor damage to the arm tools so those are getting fixed right now.

We are still waiting on a list of un-manufactured parts from Tiandeng Liu. We know that 90% of the parts have been manufactured and are at the assembly factory.  Without this list we are unable to determine what additional parts need to be manufactured to finalize & completely deliver all needed parts to the assembly factory.

We contiune to reach out to Tiandeng Liu daily, but he does not respond. Chris our project manager will be in China next week and is sceduling time to meet with Tiandeng Liu and the assembly factory to see how we can get this project back on track.  So expect more updates to follow.

I know the headaches that FMF has had to deal with, so getting a notch in the WIN column is without a doubt appreciated by all involved, especially us backers!

I’ll be sure to bring you more details as they’re released. Stay tuned!

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