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ValaVerse Action Force Kickstarter Campaign Update

Round 2 of the Action Force Kickstarter Campaign from ValaVerse is killing it! We’re less than a full week in to the campaign and it’s already reached 65% of its initial funding goal ($64,591 of $99K).

In celebration of the news, Bobby Vala has shared word that Eclipse, one of the female characters offered in the campaign, has been made an earlier stretch goal! Check it out –

Eclipse is now an earlier stretch goal! Go check out the updates on the campaign page for the full story.


The sooner we hit initial funding, the sooner we can start unlocking stretch goals like this one, so make sure to share the campaign far and wide!

Have you contributed to the campaign? If so, what figure are you most excited for? I can’t wait for a SWARM to engulf my toy shelves!


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