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The Full Force Reveals Full Set of 9th Annual Assembly Required Posters

Over the course of the last week, the fine folks from The Full Force have been sharing a series of posters from Codename: Iowa‘s 9th Annual Assembly Required event in Des Moines, Iowa!

As the theme for this year’s event is Night Force, each poster represents characters from the Night Force Team. Check it out –

From the Full Force –

The good folks at #AssemblyRequired have allowed us at The Full Force to reveal their incredible posters for this year!! Each poster will be available to purchase as a print, individual Night Force members will also be available as vinyl stickers!! Make sure you get your butts to Gravitate in Des Moines, Iowa on the 9th November 2019!! For more details check out Code Name: Iowa on Facebook!!

Those posters are all sorts of awesome, aren’t they? Will you be in attendance at Assembly Required? If so, have a great time and safe travels to the show!

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