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Michael Mercy Presents The History of GI Joe A Real American Hero 1986 Edition

Hey everyone! I’m finally back in the saddle after being away for just over a week, so today I’ll be focused on playing catch up with a few stories that I’m sure you’re going to dig (if you haven’t already, of course!)

First up comes an all new video from the great Michael Mercy! #ICYMI, this past Saturday, Michael debuted The History of GI Joe: A Real American Hero (1986 Edition) check it out below –

G.I. Joe marches into ’86 with a bang featuring 3 of the most larger-than-life offerings of the entire line; the Cobra Terror Drome, the Cobra Emperor Serpentor and the U.S. Marine with a constitution of a vending machine, Sgt. Slaughter!

💥 G.I. Joe is still deployed at BIGBADTOYSTORE: http://bit.ly/2Ce3CuK_BBTS
Special Thanks: http://www.3djoes.com for card/box art & 360’s
https://gijoe.fandom.com for Joe & Cobra intel

Chatting with Buzz Dixon: https://youtu.be/FUvPfjsFzMk
GI Joe News: https://surveillanceport.com

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I think it goes without saying that 1986 was one of the greatest years for G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero. I also think it goes without saying that you should make sure to smash that subscribe button on Michael’s YouTube channel so that you can enjoy even more amazing content just like this!



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