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Broca Customs Retro Toy Con Exclusive 2 Pack Revealed

Heads Up! Mr. Jamie Shumate of Broca Customs has shared word on an amazing new o-ring style exclusive 2 pack being released at Retro-Toy Con in Greensville, SC on November 23rd & 24th!

The set features Snake Eyes and Shipwreck as they appeared in the G.I.Joe mini series, Pyramid of Darkness! Check it out –



Broca Customs is proud to announce the next exclusive in our line up being released in a little over a month at Retro Toy Con in Greenville SC on Nov. 23rd and 24th! You’re not gonna wanna miss this show! Come out and meet the Baroness and Firefly/Spirit and Lion-O and Buck Rogers and pick up your exclusive set of Shipwreck and Snake-Eyes with Polly and Timber as homage to the second G.I. Joe mini series! Custom art work by Jason Mark Sobol and all new cast parts by Jason Bandy and hand painted by Matthew LeCroy! You don’t wanna snooze on this one! Any left over after the show will be sold here on FB so don’t miss out! Each set comes with 2 figures, Polly, Timber, weapons, extra heads and custom artwork and file cards! Sets priced as $75 at the show and then $80 shipped on FB. Hope to see you all there! Cobraaaaaa!!!!

This is one set you won’t want to miss out on! Can’t make it to the show? No worries! As noted above, any leftovers will be available after the show for $80, so make sure to keep it locked for availability after the show!

Will you be trying add this awesome o-ring style exclusive set to your ARAH collection? I know I will!

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  1. Great reeading this


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