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Acid Rain World Display At Taipei Toy Festival 2019

The 2019 Taipei Toy Festival 台北國際玩具創作大展 is in full swing, with our friends from Skronex, Ori Toy, B2FIVE, Toys Alliance and the P.I.A. Club in attendance. With them is a full assortment of amazing new Acid Rain offerings in both 1:18 and 1:28 scales that will be coming our way soon!

With that said, many thanks to my friend Kit Lau for sharing images right from the show with us. Now let’s get right to it!

The display at TTF is of course incredible, showcasing not only the awesome new offerings coming our way, but gorgeous artwork as well. The booth is so big that you can walk in and walk around to see all of the cool new items in their own environments!

The display included a slew of killer new prototype offerings, including new characters and new F.A.V. offerings.

Now here’s a set of images that I’m all sorts of excited about – the upcoming Soil Ghosts! In case you haven’t been following the Acid Rain World since its debut, here’s the scoop -Soil Ghosts are nomadic tribes who inhabit the Desert between the regions of Agurts and Gafia. They are both feared and hated by the people of Agurts because of their strange culture and heritage. Not only are 4 Ghosts on display, but their “Gugee” steed is shown as well!

This new trio was most definitely turning heads at 2019廣州CICF and there’s no doubt that they are at TTF as well. That Trio? The new Republic of Yamato forces! It goes without saying that these figures are all sorts of cool. I can’t wait to see what they look like painted!

Next up is a selection of offerings that are near and dear to my heart – the next wave of B2FIVE offerings! As you know, I’ve been in love with this line since its inception, while serving up news & reviews on HISSTANK, Cobra Island and here on Surveillance Port, of course.

That’s why for me, it goes without saying that Wave 4 and beyond have me as excited as I was when the Chapel was first introduced. Coming our way soon are the Beaver and Laurel Construction types, Ceberus C2 (Part of Hades), the Bison Stronghold and of course, Argus from the Bucks Team!

There were also upcoming B2FIVE Acid Rain items on display, including 2 new Laurels, a new Stronghold and a new Speeder! I can’t wait!

Moving through the display introduces us to even more new offerings from Toys-Alliance and OriToy. Check out these killer new F.A.V. offerings alongside new troops!

Who says there isn’t a market for 1:18 scale vehicles? Check out this stellar prototype for a new vehicle coming our way soon! It looks like a mixture of a Clone Wars troop Transport and a Chapel, with the back portion of the vehicle appearing to be the new bunker shields. This, alongside other new Agurts Offerings make the Sand 88th one are team to beat!

There you have it, folks! Another successful showing for the Acid Rain team and another period of being broke for me! (lol)

Congratulations to Kit and my friends from B2Five and all of those involved, as this latest assortment is truly something special. What pieces will you be adding to your collection? Sound off in the comments area below!

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