My friends from the P.I.A. Club have boots on the ground and have shared images from 2019廣州CICF! Wait until you see all the awesome offerings from the Acid Rain World that will be joining our collection soon. Both 1:18 and 1:25 scales are represented and there really is something for everyone.

Let’s kick things off with a look at the 1:18 offerings on display –

Toys Alliance has really taken it up a notch. These new 1:18 Acid Rain offerings are incredible! Not only do we get to feast our eyes on highly anticipated offerings like the Soil Ghosts, but we also get to check out an all new faction, the Republic of Yamato!

The B2Five line is also represented well, featuring new items from Wave 4. Included were the upcoming Beaver, Bison Stronghold, Worker Laurel, Abaddon Flame trooper set and more.

As of all of the awesome Acid Rain offerings weren’t enough, we also got our first look at a new pair of projects from Kit! First up is one that I’m beyond excited for, as it’s a collaboration between Acid Rain World x Toy Pizza‘s Knights of the Slice! This new Cowboy style figure features the Glyos system, so you already know it’s going to be awesome!

Also showcases was an all new offering from Kit Lau’s New Heroes project and needless to say, the character looks all sorts of bad ass!

I’ll bring you more info as it becomes available. Is it a great time to be an Acid Rain World fan or what?!

3 comments on “Acid Rain World Display At 2019廣州CICF

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  2. Dolf Dodge

    Any idea when the new republic trio will be up for pre sale?


    • Hi Dolf! – To my understanding, COVID-19 has basically thrown all schedules out of the window. We were supposed to see pre-orders for the wave 4 of the B2FIVE Acid Rain offerings last month.

      As is, I wouldn’t expect to see anything until Q3 of this year. Fingers crossed that it’s sooner than later!


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