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Toy Pizza Kicks Off AFOTM 2020 Enrollment Pre-Order

Heads up, Squires! Toy Pizza has kicked off their Action Figure of the Month 2020 Enrollment Pre-Order period! What’s pretty awesome is the team is attempting to get this funded outside of your typical platforms like Kickstarter.

The AFOTM 2020 Enrollment Pre-Order is already 22% of the way funded, with a goal of hitting $20K over the next 21 days. At the rate they’re going, there’s no doubt that new action figures will be hitting our mail boxes monthly in 2020!

Now, let’s get on with a look at some of the sexy that will be a part of AFOTM 2020 –

AFOTM 2020

$20K First Unlock Goal: Raddick



$40K Second Unlock Goal: Hackerman


$45K Third Unlock Goal: Slasherman


Fourth Unlock Goal: CEN-5


Fifth Unlock Goal: Cro-Mega


In 2018, we launched the ACTION FIGURE OF THE MONTH club to a frenzied fan base that fully-funded us in 5 days. Now we’re back with the sequel: AFOTM 2020!


Starting in January, we’ll deliver you 12 surprise action figures from our library of creations. Each month, a new toy arrives. The more money we raise, the more new styles of figures (and bonuses) we unlock. 

These figures are for adult collectors, ages 18 yrs+. 

Sign up and you’ll receive an entire year of  4-inch surprise figures arriving once a month. Twelve figures delivered right to your front door!

We have 8 styles from our Knights of the Slice line ready to go:

Plus 4 more styles to unlock!

(Hyper Knight / Raddick (prototype) / Device Ninja)

The goal of AFOTM 2020 is to introduce the new Bruiser class. They add some serious muscle while still working with our regular figures. Both old and new figures are powered by the Glyos System, that means all the parts can be swapped to make your own creation.


 Many of these characters are based on my childhood drawings. With your help, they can finally come to life after 30 years!


  • You are charged at the time of your pledge, not at the end of the campaign
  • Shipping is included in the price of all tiers. Please select “Free Shipping” at check out.
  • This is a pre-order. You will be charged in advance for product that will ship starting in Jan. 2020.
  • Should our funding goal not be reached everyone will have the option to be refunded.
  • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS (including Canada)- You must select the Intl. option which will ship twice a year (once in June and once in Dec). You will receive 6 months at a time.
  • We may, as a courtesy to intl. customers, send individual months along with normal store purchases, but this is discretionary and not guaranteed.
  • If you are an international customer muling via a US-based seller, they take on all liability and we cannot honor requests for refunds or missing pieces.
  • If a character is unlocked in this campaign, he’ll 100% be a dedicated month in the club. Other items & variants will be marked as “unlocked for store”, meaning they are available as an additional purchase.

At $20,000 the club is financed and our first new character, Raddick, is unlocked.

Other stretch goals will be revealed as we raise more money.

Thank you all for directly supporting this independant business!

Knights of the Slice & Toy Pizza are © 2019 Eerie Theory Entertainment, Inc. Note: Adult Collectible. This is not a Toy. Ages 15+

Will you be joining in on the AFOTM 2020 Enrollment Pre-Order?

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