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ValaVerse Action Force Web Comic Teaser and Contest Wrap Up Details

Heads up! ValaVerse has shared a pair of updates that you’ll most definitely want to check out! –

ValaVerse Action Force Web Comic Announcement - Surveillance Port.jpg

First up, Bobby has shared a bit of a teaser of the upcoming Action Force Web Comic. . This particular issue is based on Trigger. The story is being crafted Bill Nedrow, with art by Edson Alves. Edson’s work is fantastic and he’s done a great job bringing Bill’s script to life. Bobby Can’t wait to share the finished product.

Action Force Web Comic Sample - Surveillance Port.jpg

In other ValaVerse news, don’t forget that there’s now only 2 days left to get in on the VV Action Force contest!

ValaVerse Contest Banner - Surveillance Port



The Valaverse Surplus has some extra inventory that needs a good home. All it takes are some creative individuals. Submit your best action force piece of artwork and see if you are one of the three lucky winners. If you can draw, paint, customize or do any sort of creative medium, we want to see it.

Contest Rules

  • Submission must be a creative piece of work done by the individual submitting.
  • The creative piece of work can be open to all sorts of media. draw, paint, figure customization, knitting, write a poem, nothing is off limits but it must be created by you.
  • The submission must only contain action force characters
  • Only one submission per person
  • Submit your work through below
  • Submissions must be received by september 5th 2019
  • For your submission to be officially accepted you must:
    1. Go like the Valaverse page on Facebook
    2. Follow @thevalaverse on Instagram
    3. Join the Valaverse mailing list
  • After all submissions have been received and reviewed, three winners will be chosen and notified within two weeks after September 5th 2019

What Do You Win?

  • One Action Force t-shirt
  • One set of 3 Action Force stickers
  • One set of 4 Action Force signed prints
  • One Action Force sketch card by Bobby Vala

Time is running out, so get in on the contest while you can!

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