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Marauder Task Force WWII Action Figure Production Update

The folks from Marauder Inc have shared an update on their upcoming WWII Action Figure offerings. Here’s the scoop –

Hey “Marauder Fighting 783!”

We  are receiving a steady flow of MTF WWII figures and accessories. We are  still waiting on several KEY accessories, most of the new heads and the  incredibly complex Panzer Grenadier.  We are preparing our warehouse  pick locations in anticipation of the Kickstarter reward fulfillment and  for the regular website release. We received requests to post some  “inside the shipping carton” images and some production accessories.  So randomly grabbed a couple boxes and some of the accessories currently getting sorted. 

As  with most of our earlier releases, we will hold off on detailed images  until the items are shipping.  We like to keep the surprise  of order opening intact for our Kickstarter supporters.  Besides, at  the moment, we don’t have all the parts to any specific figure version  to show a complete figure & gear load-out.  Posting headless bodies  with “most” of their gear would not do the figures & accessories  justice.

We  are in STAND-BY mode to ship the Kickstarter reward packages as soon  as we get everything.  Whether everything arrives next week or in a few  weeks…we are ready to pull the trigger.  As always, thank you for your  patience and will announce when we start shipping with a HUGE  Kickstarter announcement.

Thanks for your support!

MJ & MGR Crew

It won’t be long now before we have these awesome offerings in hand and from the sound of things, they’re going to be well worth the wait!

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