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Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure Production Update

Mr. Bill Murphy from Fresh Monkey Fiction has shared an updated on the production of the highly anticipated Larry Hama action figure. Here’s the scoop –

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Vest - Surveillance Port

Hey everyone, here is the latest update. 

The factory missed their deadline of mid August. Our Project Manger visited the factory and they found that not all the parts were manufactured, so they urged the factory to prioritize getting the rest of the parts produced.

As of this week, according to the factory they are 90% done with manufacturing. See production images of the jacket. They are telling us they will have production samples for us in 2 weeks.

Chris and his team (our project managers) are getting very frustrated with this factory and making plans to move production to their factory if the current factory can’t deliver on this next milestone.

I know this is beyond frustrating, it is for us as well. We all have invested time and money to see this figure produced and it’s obvious that the current factory cannot deliver as they promised. So we are doing what we can to remedy that. As things progress we’ll keep everyone updated.

I’m thankful that there are folks out there that are working hard overseas to ensure that backers get the items that they paid for and thankful that Bill is still sharing regular updates instead of going radio silent.

Are you excited to get your Larry Hama action figure in hand? I know I am!

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